Fantasy Football: Drew Litton


Fantasy Football: Drew Litton

From the beginning of football season until the Super Bowl, I live in a world of cryptic sentences and unfamiliar names, inside jokes and stealth maneuvering that leaves me utterly confused.

Fantasy Football season is upon us once again and once again, I stand baffled on the sidelines. My dangerously cool younger sister is actually a part of the Fantasy Football League that my brother organizes at barVino. But me? I’m the sister that reads a book during the football games, only there for the food and beer.

I know, maybe if I put the book down and started paying attention, I’d have a better idea of what is going on . . . But it seems like too much work. And besides, the boys get irritated when I start asking questions.

Here’s the thing: I love the television show The League (on FX, it’s partially scripted, filthy, totally inappropriate and awesomely hilarious). I like to think of Jenny as my spirit animal. You know, if I was a bad-ass who ran her husband’s Fantasy League and then got invited into the actual League because I was that good.  And also hot, but in a totally accessible way, and super funny. Because this is television and therefore realistic.

If you watch The League, you’ll remember the episode when Kevin’s friends discover his collection of For Dummies books in his basement. So when I typed in “Fantasy Football for Dummies,” it was a gag – an homage to that particular episode, if you will. But what do you know?  How to Play Fantasy Football For Dummies actually exists. I better started cracking those books so I’ll be ready for next year. But until then, I’ll enjoy the 7-layer dip and Full Sail Session Lagers (11 oz. bottles with 5% ABV means you can have more than two and still remember the game).




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