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IMG_0078A year ago, fellow blogger Claire invited me to her camp in the Adirondacks for a party with her colleagues from St. Rose’s, lots of good wine and a very impressive paella. Click here to read Claire’s account of the party and her instructions on how to make a truly delicious meal. I’d eaten paella in the past, but never seen the process from beginning to end. And being the educator that she is, Claire involved all her guests in the process. Which was fine by me – I’ve always thought that the best parties incorporate cooking as a part of the festivities rather than making it something done behind closed doors.

So I am thrilled to be invited to the El Coto de Rioja Paella Parade in NYC next Monday, October 1st where guests get to interact with the chefs as they make paella. Held at South Street Seaport from 6 – 9, this event (in its 4th year) features 10 NYC chefs showcasing their paella making skills and pairing their results with El Coto wines. If you’ve come over to Sauced from Vinoteca, then you know from past blogs that I am a huge El Coto fan. Their rosé is pretty much my go-to wine from May – September. El Coto is in the Rioja region of Spain (hence its full name El Coto de Rioja) and has been around since 1970 (with the first release in 1975). The vineyards are on landswith limestone, sand and clay in the soil – leading to the creation of wines with expressive minerality and complexity. And the price point is great: I sell the Blanco, Rosé and Tempranillo for under $12 a bottle.

So, if you’re in NYC next Monday, definitely check out the Paella Parade at South Street Seaport. It’s been on my to-do list for awhile now and it works out perfectly that this year it’s on a Monday, when barVino is closed. Clearly, it was meant to be. I’ll post next week about how it all went.

Tickets are $50 per person or $90 for two. Bonus: 10% of the proceeds benefit local organizations in addition to Action Against Hunger (an international charity dedicated to saving the lives of malnourished children).

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