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Too much effing Pinterest, a bottle of wine1 and a night “off” from the restaurant led to a series of mini-projects being start and actually (shockingly) finished last Thursday night.

There are loads of things that I’d like to do to the apartment. Such as this. And this. Oh, and this. However, none of them are actually financially (or spatially) possible at this point. But paint is a (relatively) cheap way to make the old feel new and so, armed with craft paint from Joann Fabrics, letter stencils and some inexpensive acrylic paint brushes of various sizes (and perhaps an inflated sense of ability), I went forth on my mission.

The cardboard stencils were purchased because of their price point and after taking them down to admire my handiwork, I instead cursed my cheapness. A lot of hand-painting was needed to fix the bleeds. Now, I have a steady hand and the rather useless skill of being able to write/paint/draw in a very straight line, but I’d rather have used the time for something else. I really should have bought the more expensive plastic stencils and saved myself the trouble.

Still, I was happy with the final product: a cheeky reminder that dirty dishes are always happier clean.

1The wine was a bottle of 2009 Château l’Argentier Vielles Vignes de Cinsault. The bottle was given to me as sample by Brice Jordan, whose family owns Château l’Argentier. I met Brice when he stopped by barVino on his way back to Montreal from New York City a month ago and was kind enough to give me several bottles to try (obviously, not a totally selfless gesture – he was hoping that I would put the wine on my list). He was quite charming, proud of his family’s wine and I appreciated the entrepreneurial spirit of giving me his wines to sample.  This last time, he dropped off two more bottles. The 100% Cinsault (usually found in Grenache/Syrah blends) has an earthiness to it that gives the bright, full fruit backbone. It was quite dry on the first sip, but a bit of time in the glass softened it up a bit, allowing the silky texture to shine. I think it will be an excellent addition to barVino’s French wine selection.



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