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photoThe many joys of semi-communal living include extra hands on deck at all-times for mini-* (and not so mini-**) emergencies at barVino, always having a friend (or six) around for a good laugh or chat and built-in shuffleboard playing partners. The downside? When one person gets sick, everyone gets sick. And starting in December ’12, the cold keeps getting passed around.

  • Emergenc-C? Check.
  • Yogi ImmuniTea? Check.
  • Chicken soup? Check.
  • Alka Seltzer Cold and Flu? Check.
  • Zinc? Check.
  • Slugging from the bottle of Dayquil after I’ve tried all the natural remedies and have to make it through a night at work? Check.
  • Obsessively washing my hands and passing around the hand sanitizer? Check and check.

At this point, I feel like I am going to spend the rest of my life with a stuffy nose (not so great when you own a wine bar and are trying to pick up the bouquet of a particularly nice Bordeaux) and a slight headache.  Alright, I’m being a bit dramatic.  But after more than a month of not feeling great, I’m indulging myself with a small pity party. Sadly, the only booze allowed at this party a hot toddy.

* Like the time that a staff member was injured and couldn’t come into work and being short-staffed we were, of course, unexpectedly slammed and staff members who were in bV on their night off jumped up to wash glasses, run food and bus tables.

** Such as when my brother’s face caught on fire when he was attempting to light the pilot light on the stove (because our weekly gas delivery had been neglected and we ran out of propane on Friday night) and all three Gore Mountain patrollers who work and live (at least part-time) at bV came to the rescue in such a calm, professional manner as to inspire my never-ending gratitude (not to mention the bV customer who came in for a drink and ended up being dragged downstairs to lend his expert eye to the situation).



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