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photo-2Certain drinks go with certain film characters.

And let’s not forget Caucasians and the Dude. Better known as White Russians, this sweet concoction (for those of you living under a rock) is a mix of milk, vodka and coffee liquor. My slightly lactose intolerant stomach can only handle one, but what else are you going to drink when watching The Big Lebowski? Side note, my favorite version that the Dude makes in the movie is the one with non-dairy coffee creamer he concocts in Maude Lebowski’s art studio. Personally, I like Vertical Vodka with Kahlúa and just a splash of heavy cream. But to each Dude, his own.


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  1. Kahlua and cream over ice is one of my fav’s. Especially in summer. I can’t do the extra vodka that’s in a white russian, but that may because my live-in visigoth makes his own kahlua with vodka, so it packs a sneaky punch!

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