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I love set lunches. In Peru, they’re called menùs (if you remember, last year I wrote about how a menù can actually be too cheap – it’s kinda a red flag if they are less than $2). And in Costa Rica, they go by the name casado. For around $5 you can get a plate filled with rice, beans, a cold salad, steamed veggies and either pollo, carne or pescado. I thought this was the best deal ever and then, today, I discovered the gallo.

Gallos are basically the Tico version of tacos; in this case, two small flat corn tortillas filled with chopped veggies, your choice of chicken or beef, and topped with a cream sauce. Even with a side of avocado, it comes less than $5 (with an exchange rate of 500 colones to $1).

I’m sure there are other great lunch spots in Nosara, but for now I’m totally addicted to Soda Tiki Rosie’s. The wait may be a little long (you just hover next to someone’s table until they finish and then you slide in), but so far it’s been worth it . . .

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  1. Oh yum oh yum oh yum! My favorite kind of eating!

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