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Yes, the most comfortable pants in the world are yoga pants.

But they were made to be worn to yoga class.

Or at your own home, when guests are not coming over.

Unless you run yoga classes at your home.

Please, please, women!  Keep your yoga pants where they belong!  They are a small slice of heaven, regardless of your size, your willingness to sweat, or your personal income.  Yoga pants take comfort to the level of cannoli.  Really.  Deliciousness stuffed into lovely.  Yeah!



If you have these delectable leg coverings, enjoy.  If you do not, I would recommend athleta.com for yoga clothing that will make you want to work out.  If Athleta is out of your price range, then skulk your local Target on a regular basis, where you can also find great yoga pants, and some snappy matching shirts and bras.

Nirvana?  Yoga pants on at home, and a glass of red wine.  Tonight we opened a 2009 bottle of Ritual Pinot Noir, from Chile.  I am usually cautious around Pinot Noir.  (Stephen picked it out.)  This was a pinot with great balance and body.  This is a grape that can often be temperamental, but the Ritual was solid.  I bet this pinot knows enough to wear its yoga pants at the gym or at home.  Certainly not to the grocery store, or your local college campus.

About Claire Ziamandanis

Claire Ziamandanis is Professor of Spanish at The College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY. Over her 20 years at the college, she has been a champion for study abroad, establishing the first affiliation for Spanish students, and then working with the Study Abroad office to open the doors to students from other majors. Claire loves travel, food, wine and Spanish but not necessarily in that order!

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