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I recently discovered cookie butter from Trader Joe’s.  That’s right. Cookie butter. They suggest it being delicious on a number of things (hello waffles!) but I find that it’s fabulous off a spoon while standing in-front of the fridge at 2 a.m. Fortunately, my roommate doesn’t like it, thus leaving more for me. On closer examination of that previous sentence (and the calorie content of a spoonful of cookie butter), I realize this might be  a bad thing . . .

And whilst enjoying a lovely spoonful of cookie butter (cookie butter, people, cookie butter), I began thinking of all the things I enjoy that I would file under “guilty pleasures.” NPR has this great bit on its website where writer’s share books that they love, but are ashamed to have people seeing them read. That rather sums up guilty pleasures: you love it, but you don’t really want anyone else to know about it.

  • Nip/Tuck
  • The visual crack that is Bravo reality television ((I totally blame my friend Elizabeth because I only watch it when I’m with her).
  • White wine spritzers (I don’t care what you say wine snobs, they’re delicious and refreshing).
  • Helluva Good French onion dip and kettle chips.
  • Kelly Clarkson (I will sing the sh** out of “Stronger” if I hear it on the radio).
  • www.people.com/people (don’t judge me).
  • www.polyvore.com (so much time wasted . . . click on it, I dare you).
  • The paperbacks of Scottish author Rosamunde Pilcher (best known for The Shell Seekers). Yeah, they’re not the collected works of Tolstoy, but guess what? I was depressed for days after reading Anna Karenina whereas September made me want to move to Scotland and learn how to do a Highland reel and generally left me with a good feeling about the world.

What about you Sauced readers? What are your guilty pleasures?


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