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This past weekend was a BIG one. Saturday morning my little sister (yes, she’s 28 and probably should’ve been the oldest, but birth order’s a bitch and she’s the baby of the family) graduated from Plymouth State University with her Masters in Counseling and School Pyscology. And Friday night, as my brother and parents and I were staying in a hotel that was a cross between the Overlook Hotel and the Grand Budapest Hotel (it’s last and saddest incarnation, not the fabulous one over which Gustave H rules), my sister was getting engaged.

So yes, a very big weekend indeed.

A surprise graduation party was already planned for Monday, but the engagement added another layer of joy to the celebration.  And with what beverage does one celebrate such exciting and happy news? Well, Champagne is the classic choice (and we had two bottles at dinner Saturday night).  But for the party, it was all about the pink: El Coto Rosé (Tempranillo and Grenache) and Hecht & Bannier Languedoc Rosé (Syrah, Cinsault and Grenache). Anyone who reads Sauced (or knows me), knows that I love pink wines. They’re dry, versatile, refreshing and as lovely with summer foods as they are on their own. And they’re perfect for toasting two wonderful people who are lucky to  have found each other in this often complicated world. Lots of love to my dangerously cool little sister and my soon-to-be brother-in-law Mark!

Now, we just have to convince my father that the wedding isn’t going to be held on a Monday – the only day that barVino is closed.

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