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This is not the all-inclusive list of my favorite things (which would include reading in bed with a cup of coffee, reading in a hammock with a glass of wine, reading, coffee and wine). Rather, it’s a list of my favorite kitchen things. Sharp knives are a must, obviously. But I don’t have any pots with fitted lids (I use a sautée pan as a make-shift cover). Or a blender.

For everyday kitchen use, I love a good set of tongs. They can be utilitarian (helping lift hot tin foil off a dish) or culinary (flipping pork-chops or tossing baby kale as it wilts in the pan). A good cutting board. And lots of towels. Flour sack cloth ones are great for drying glasses to a Mary Poppins approved spit-spot shine and can double as napkins. Heavy duty bar towels can work as oven mitts, sop up greasy spills and basically  do any clean-up work required.  I have grown to love my food processor (disclaimer: it was my sister’s and I’ve just used it so much that she gave up and let me keep it) because while it doesn’t make smoothies, it does pretty much everything else a blender can do plus some.

What about you? What are some of your favorite kitchen things?

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  1. Have been given two Le Crueuset pots and love them! Keep writing love all of your blogs! Be well be you — Awesome

    • Le Crueuset pots are amazing. Sometimes you can find them at TJ Maxx so I’m always checking the home goods sections when I’m there . . . Thanks for your kind words. I’ll keep writing if you promise to keep reading. Thanks again!

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