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It’s that time of year when allergies quickly morph into head colds and then back into allergies, resulting in a lethargic week or so where I haven’t wanted to do much of anything except veg out to one of Anthony Bourdain’s travel and food shows – too sneezy and tired to even really be envious or inspired by his very cool, very privileged, very awesome lifestyle (at least in-front of the camera – who the hell knows what happens after-hours).

The weather hasn’t done much to dissuade me of this impulse to embrace my inner bum. Rainy, cloudy, chilly, damp. All the lovely signs that April is once again here. Dirty piles of snow shrink even as they stubbornly hold on to the memory of winter. Yes, the Hudson River is high and fast, but it’s cold out there folks. Just ask any of the raft guides who frequent barVino (either behind the bar or seated at it). I have to remember that hidden beneath the ground everything is slowly coming back to life, uncoiling and stretching after an icy winter.

I, too, should be uncoiling and stretching – getting back outside because 48 degrees is a veritable heatwave after a winter of frigid, sub-arctic days. Instead (when I’m not watching Mr. Bourdain make cranky/snarky comments about vegetarians), I’m pulling apart my apartment and going through all the accumulations of the last seven years. Throwing out the old as I make way for a new summer. And looking ahead to the weather, I see hints of sunshine and the promise of 60+ degrees.

All of which has me dreaming of chilled dry rosés and grilling on the porch. Sleeping with the windows open and not having to wear socks with my shoes anymore (although the approach open-toed shoe season means I’ll have to start hitting up the nail salon for pedicures on a more frequent basis).  Reading on the porch while I soak up some rays (while safely covered in SPF 30 because I know that safety is no accident) and drink a gin and tonic. Or two.

And you? What are you looking forward to this summer?

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