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About ANNA

I have two younger siblings and once, when describing me, my brother Luke said, “It isn’t that Annie’s a bitch, it’s just that she’s the oldest and used to be a first grade teacher.”

So, yes, I like organizing people and have a tendency to be a bit, er, bossy. But I’m willing to take a backseat (especially if I’m in a car that’s going over a bridge – I do not enjoying being in the driver’s seat then) and am working on the whole teacher-voice thing that my siblings are constantly pointing out that I use.

I own a wine bar and restaurant called barVino in upstate New York with my brother (the one who thinks he’s so clever) and father. My sister smartly ran away to grad school as owning a family business is one of the more stressful ventures I’ve ever undertaken. And rewarding. Obviously. Our mother is a saint who manages to put up with all of us graciously (if a bit confused as to how she, so calm and lovely, ended up with family she has). I also own and operate a boutique called the Vault (it’s located in the vault of the original North Creek bank so clearly the name didn’t require too much brainpower on my part) as well as a business that does cooking and wine pairing classes called Whisk n’ Wine that I run with my friend Megan.

But I still live off of tips and don’t have health insurance have health insurance thanks to Obamacare (and my previously mentioned friend Megan making me go online and sign up for it). Ah, the glamorous life of the self-employed.

I’ve always loved words, reading them and writing them, and was thrilled when Claire asked me to be a part of Sauced in New York. I focus on the things that I love: travel, food, friends, family, photography, books and imbibing various beverages. Salud!





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