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A little about me:  I was raised in a small town in upstate New York, one of seven children in a  Catholic (could you tell?) family.  Ethnicity was ever present in our upbringing, with Sundays spent at the Italian grandparents’ house, then later, with the Irish grandparents moving into our house.

My life was forever changed when I studied abroad in Madrid, Spain as an undergraduate student.  Spain was my first love, and a love I enjoy going back to often.  I have also been able to travel to other great Spanish speaking countries (Panama, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba), as well as the lands of my own ancestors (Ireland, Italy), and of my husband’s ancestors (Greece).

All of that travel usually includes some great eating opportunities.  Food tends to be an anchor in our house, something that brings us together from preparation through serving.  Meals are ever social for us.  And a nice glass of wine to accompany those meals and conversations?  Yes, please.

Home life:  my husband is funny and outgoing, our two teenage children are as teenage children are, with occasional glimpses of the adults they will become. Our sweet yellow lab softens our house into a home.

I teach Spanish at The College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY.  It is a great place to work, and an excellent place to get an education.  Keep your eyes on Saint Rose, because great things are still to come.


  1. Hi Claire, I’m trying to answer your LinkedIn message without success, so thought I’d try this. Would love to meet you in Ireland, but we’re going away on 19 July for two weeksj. If you reply to this email address, we can have a chat!
    Good to hear from you, Helen Litton

  2. Loved all your “sauced” but especially the latest one. Get the tatto. Miss you.

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