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If you are a Facebook friend, you have seen the photos I was tagged in from Cuba. It was a LEGAL trip!  Really! There were many mojitos, and some classic car rides throughout, but our recent trip to Havana was on the up and up.  Every day of our adventure had an educational purpose, something quite easy to accomplish for ... Read More »



We have moved.  That is an entire blog post of its own, but I think I am still processing that immense change.  It is not blog-able just yet. We are now official residents of the Adirondacks.  North Country folk.  Country music is on the radio.  It is a glorious life this time of year.  Nights are cool, and days are ... Read More »



Definition: despotic abuse of authority. I first envisioned this post to be about iTunes Match.  I made the mistake of signing up for iTunes Match in a moment of stinginess fiscal responsibility.  I did not want to upgrade my phone yet, and I had no room for my music on the phone.  iTunes Match seemed the PERFECT solution! Tyranny. iTunes Match ... Read More »


Sierra rail trail

While this winter has been largely snow-less in upstate New York (and I am not complaining to that fact), we have had our fair share of very windy days and nights.  Our front lawn is home to several old silver maple trees, majestic in the summer, stunning in the fall, but prone to breakage in those frigid winter winds. Last ... Read More »


red sauce 1

“You talked about your Grandma’s red sauce yesterday, too.” “I did?  Oh…” Apparently I am using my Italian Grandma’s delicious Sunday red sauce as a too-frequent metaphor in my work at The College of Saint Rose. You see, Grandma was a genius in the kitchen.  As my mom often said, she could make dirt taste good.  Grandma could take anything ... Read More »


Two very big words. Two enormous challenges. Integrity is all about moral and ethical standards that are upheld regardless of the challenges. I don’t think it is a coincidence that the word “integrity” has inside it the word “grit”.  Integrity usually requires courage, even in the face of dire consequences.  Integrity is that straightening of the spine and the confidence ... Read More »



Part confession, part cooking.  Or might cooking always be “part confession”?  (Note to self: future post.) Confession first:  I am officially switching things up.  Consciously shifting.  Not the Gwyneth Paltrow type (which she now claims was foisted on her by an editor), but instead just a shift in my world’s vision. Cooking next:  Unlike Anna, I LOVE cooking, but find baking onerous, ... Read More »


Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 1.27.06 PM

My Wine Business class has ended, but it has sparked an ongoing curiosity about business decisions that are made regarding wine.  Whereas before I could spend a good hour trolling the aisles of the local liquor store, looking at bottles and thinking about what I might like to serve with dinner that specific night, I can now spend an entire ... Read More »



… the number of cases of wine you usually get from a ton of grapes. My Wine Business class has ended, but I will remember 62, as well as numerous other interesting facts related to the business of putting that lovely liquid on the table to be shared with one or many. So many interesting things are percolating in the ... Read More »


red sauce

While I would prefer to return to my ethnic roots and talk about Italian foods, instead it is time to return to the roots of this blog: wine. Vino. Nectar of the gods. SAUCED IN NEW YORK source code. I am taking an online course in Wine Business this month.  I am a proud student of Sonoma State University! I can ... Read More »

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