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I’ve read Emerson and Thoreau and tried very hard to read to The Pilgrim at Tinker Creek (just couldn’t do it), but these things do not an outdoors woman make.

Which is why I love that my friend Elizabeth is around to help motivate me to get up a mountain every now and then. After all, this is the Adirondacks.

Tuesday, we climbed Moxham. Located between North Creek and Minerva in upstate New York, the summit of Moxham offers views of the Hudson River, Gore and Crane mountains, and North Creek. Apparently you can also see Snowy and Blue, but I was too busy huddling behind a rock (hiding from the very cold winds whipping across the ledge) to work at picking them out on the horizon. The new trail that was cut this summer is accessed off 14th Road and rises gradually over 2.5 miles. The inclines got my heart pumping, but were totally doable. We reached the top in about 1 1/2 hours and after resting for a few minutes (with our well- earned beers), made the descend in a little more than an hour. Well, Elizabeth did in less than an hour. I’m took my sweet time.

Inspired, I’m hoping to get a few more hikes in before the weather turns frigid. Just hope Elizabeth is up for motivating me.


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